Latest News

The latest and greatest news regarding updates, changes and more. Prism Launcher now supports viewing news directly in the Launcher by clicking the news icon at the bottom of the window.

Latest News
  1. [MALWARE WARNING] RCE Vulnerability on some modded servers - Bleeding Pipe

    Multiple vulnerable mods are being exploited in the wild to gain remote code execution

  2. Prism Launcher Release 7.2, now available

    Absolutely no memes!

  3. Prism Launcher Release 7.1, now available

    Who let the frogs out?

  4. Prism Launcher Release 7.0, now available

    The bee's knees!

  5. FTB Modpack Downloading Removal.

    Why FTB Modpack Downloading was Removed.

  6. [MALWARE WARNING] "fractureiser" malware in many popular Minecraft mods and modpacks

    Malware is being distributed through Minecraft mods and modpacks mainly through CurseForge

  7. [SECURITY UPDATE] Prism Launcher Release 6.3, now available

    91% bug free!

  8. Prism Launcher Release 6.2, now available

    90% bug free!

  9. Prism Launcher Release 6.1, now available

    More addictive than lemonade!

  10. Prism Launcher Release 6.0, now available

    Bees, bees, bees, bees!

  11. Prism Launcher Release 5.2, now available

    We ran out funny post descriptions

  12. Prism Launcher Release 5.1, now available

    Too Many Fixes

  13. Prism Launcher Release 5.0, now available

    Your game has crashed!

  14. PolyMC Update 1.4.2, now available

    Not Enough Fixes

  15. PolyMC Update 1.4.1, now available

    Roughly Enough Fixes

  16. PolyMC Update 1.4.0, now available

    Just Enough Changes

  17. PolyMC Update 1.3.2, now available

    Another load of fixes

  18. PolyMC Update 1.3.1, now available

    Fixing up the oopsies!

  19. PolyMC Update 1.3.0, now available

    A lot of new things to check out!

  20. PolyMC Update 1.2.2, now available (CurseForge Hotfix)

    Fixing CurseForge just in time!

  21. PolyMC Update 1.2.1, now available

    It's Wednesday my dudes.

  22. PolyMC Update 1.2.0, now available

    A lot of refinement!

  23. PolyMC Update 1.1.1, now available

    Bugfix release

  24. PolyMC Update 1.1.0, now available

    Our first feature release!

  25. Moving on

    The origins of PolyMC are plagued by controversy. Let's move on from this.

  26. Modrinth support and Mod downloading

    PolyMC is now able to download individual mods from curseforge and modrinth. Huge thanks to @timoreo for this feature.

  27. New maintainers and step down.

    Swirl has stepped down from maintainer and a new core team has been established.