Prism Launcher Release 8.0, now available

Hello there!

The last feature update was quite a while ago, so we hope we can make up for it by delivering some highly requested features!
Some highlights include: an updater for Windows and Linux, CurseForge export, FTB App import, mod dependency resolution and NeoForge support.
Though there is a lot more, so feel free to check the changelog below.
This is probably the most feature-packed update so far, so there might be some rough edges that we hope to iron out over the next few updates.
At least those future updates should now be easier than ever to install!

We are also happy to announce that @getchoo @TheKodeToad and @Trial97 have joined Prism Launcher as maintainers.
As you are able to see in the changelog below, they all have been doing a lot of work improving Prism Launcher!
Of course we are always happy to see new contributors, so if you think you might be able to help, head over to our GitHub project and see if you might be able to help out.

Until next time!






Full Changelog:

You can grab the latest download here for your respective platform.