Download Prism Launcher 7.2

Advanced Windows install options

CLI (community-maintained)

Winget Package

winget install -e PrismLauncher.PrismLauncher

Stable Scoop Package

scoop bucket add games
scoop install prismlauncher 
scoop install prismlauncher-qt5 #if you want Windows-Legacy instead

Unstable Scoop Package

Same as above, but it's an unstable git development build rather than a stable build.

scoop bucket add versions
scoop install prismlauncher-git
scoop install prismlauncher-qt5-git #if you want Windows-Legacy instead

Chocolatey Package

# Install standard version
choco install prismlauncher
# Install legacy version
choco install prismlauncher --package-parameters="'/legacy'"

Chocolatey and Scoop packages are community-maintained, Prism Launcher is not responsible for outdated versions. Installer

A community maintained portable installer for Prism Launcher can be found here.