Prism Launcher Release 5.0, now available

Hi there!

We are bringing you PolyMC Prism Launcher 5.0!
This major release not only comes with a new versioning system, but also a new name!
But why you ask?
Well, stuff happened and we are going to talk about everything that went down in a future blog post.
For now, we want you to regain access to the best Minecraft launcher out there.

Let's go over the major changes since the last PolyMC release back in September.
Our macOS users on Apple M1/M2 processors as well as our Nintendo Switch Linuxers can rejoice, as you can finally run all Minecraft versions on those platforms without needing to make any changes on your end.
We have to thank some community members as well as the folks over at MinecraftMachina for helping out with this feature!

Apart from support for ARM64/ARM32 processors we are also bringing you our new modpack updater!
For now this feature is limited to Modrinth and CurseForge modpacks.
The process is a bit convoluted currently, but we hope to make it easier in the future with some upcoming UI changes.
Please make a backup of your files before updating a modpack, as it is still a very early feature and we don't want you to lose anything you might want to keep.

As always we need to thank EVERYONE who contributed to PolyMC as well as Prism Launcher.
Special thanks to our community members Boba, Davi Rafael, @elyrodso, Fulmine, @gonsawa, Pankakes and @tobimori who collaborated on our gorgeous logo.






Full Changelog:

You can grab the latest download here for your respective platform.