New maintainers and step down.

Based off recent controversies, and for the project's best interest, Swirl has stepped down from his role as maintainer. LennyMcLennington is now the head maintainer of PolyMC and has established a new core group of maintainers to keep the project healthy and active.

Swirl Stated:

@here Based on recent controversies, and in thinking of the general future of this project, I believe it to be best if I step down from my leadership position in PolyMC.

Lenny will now be maintaining PolyMC and all its related services, and will be establishing a core team to help with development resources and community management.

Additionally, due to mental health and other personal reasons, I will be taking a break from--and generally will be unavailable for--contributing to the project.

Thank you all for providing me a great community to work with. I pray for PolyMC to have a good future and for all of you to continue to do good for the Free Software community.

Quote in news: Discord

Swirl contributed a lot to PolyMC, and we hope to see more contributions in the future.

In lighter news, congratulations to our new Core Team consisting of:

We will be maintaining the PolyMC project and repositories. We hope to see great contributions and continued development of PolyMC.

~ PolyMC Team