Java settings

In this page you can set the global Java settings.

Java tab under Prism Launcher settings


Memory section of java tab under Prism Launcher settings

Java memory settings.
NOTE: MORE RAM ALLOCATED DOESN'T MEAN BETTER PERFORMANCE! In fact, in most use cases (except you're playing big modpacks) 4GB of ram allocated should be more than enough

Java Runtime

Java Runtime section of java tab under Prism Launcher settings

This is where the settings for the Java runtime live, like the location of the runtime and any Java arguments to use.

For information about how to get a correct Java version, see: Installing Java.

Auto-detect will check your computer for all java versions and show you a list of them, the best one on top.

Test can be used to test the selected Java runtime along with your memory settings and JVM arguments without starting the game.

Skip java compatibility checks skips java compatibility checks at game launch

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