Download Prism Launcher 8.3

Alpine Linux

APK Packages are available on Alpine Linux Edge for multiple architectures

apk add prismlauncher

Arch Linux / Manjaro

There are several AUR packages available:

Installing with an AUR helper

# stable source package:
yay -S prismlauncher
# latest git package:
yay -S prismlauncher-git

If you want to use Qt 5 to build the packages instead:

# stable Qt 5 source package:
yay -S prismlauncher-qt5
# stable Qt 5 binary package:
yay -S prismlauncher-qt5-bin
# latest Qt 5 git package:
yay -S prismlauncher-qt5-git

You can replace yay -S with your preferred AUR helper's install command.

Installation using Chaotic-AUR

If you have not already enabled the Chaotic-AUR follow their instructions on to enable it.

# stable package:
sudo pacman -S prismlauncher
# latest git package:
sudo pacman -S prismlauncher-git

If you want to use Qt 5 to build the packages instead:

# stable Qt 5 package:
sudo pacman -S prismlauncher-qt5
# latest Qt 5 git package:
sudo pacman -S prismlauncher-qt5-git

CentOS Stream / Fedora / Red Hat Enterprise Linux

RPM packages are available on Copr for x86_64 and aarch64.
If you are on an Enterprise Linux distribution (RHEL, CentOS, Rocky, etc.) and do not have the EPEL repositories enabled, please enable them here.

Nightly builds are updated automatically in the Terra repository and built on Copr every 24 hours.

# enables the copr repo
sudo dnf copr enable g3tchoo/prismlauncher
# stable releases
sudo dnf install prismlauncher
# nightly builds
sudo dnf install prismlauncher-nightly

Debian / Ubuntu (x86_64, ARM64)

We use makedeb for our Debian packages.
Several MPR packages are available:


Installation using Prebuilt MPR (recommended)

curl -q '' | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/prebuilt-mpr-archive-keyring.gpg 1> /dev/null
echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/prebuilt-mpr-archive-keyring.gpg] prebuilt-mpr $(lsb_release -cs)" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/prebuilt-mpr.list
sudo apt update
sudo apt install prismlauncher

Prebuilt MPR supports Debian 11, 12, and Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04, 22.10, and 23.04.

Installing with mist, the MPR CLI

First, install makedeb and mist using the instructions on their websites.

You can then use it to easily install Prism Launcher:

# stable source package:
mist install prismlauncher
# stable binary package:
mist install prismlauncher-bin
# latest git package:
mist install prismlauncher-git

Installing with Pacstall

Installing Pacstall

sudo bash -c "$(curl -fsSL || wget -q -O -)"

Installing Prism Launcher

# latest git package:
pacstall -I prismlauncher-git

Debian / Pi OS / Ubuntu (ARM32/64)

Prism Launcher is available in the pi-apps store as a deb install:


NOTE: Only supports Debian/Raspbian/Pi OS Buster and newer and Ubuntu 18.04 and newer.
Debian-based ARM packages are community-maintained, Prism Launcher is not responsible for outdated versions.


Ebuilds are available in the official Gentoo repository, under games-action/prismlauncher.
Note that, for the time being, it is not stabilized, so it's masked for ~amd64 and ~arm64 only.

sudo emaint sync -a

# If you need to unmask the package, and considering `package.accept_keywords` to be a folder.
echo ">=games-action/prismlauncher-5.0" | sudo tee -a /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/prismlauncher
# Or do this if you want to build from the latest commit instead of a release
echo "=games-action/prismlauncher-9999 **" | sudo tee -a /etc/portage/package.accept_keywords/prismlauncher

emerge games-action/prismlauncher

Have fun! :)


A Nix derivation is available.

Packages are available for all current Nix distributions.


RPM packages are available on the Open Build Service.

# add repository (if on leap, replace 'openSUSE_Tumbleweed' with '15.4')
zypper addrepo
# refresh repository cache
zypper refresh
# stable releases (Qt6 version, only for Tumbleweed)
zypper install prismlauncher
# latest builds (Qt6 version, only for Tumbleweed)
zypper install prismlauncher-nightly
# stable releases (Qt5 version, available for Leap and Tumbleweed)
zypper install prismlauncher-qt5
# latest builds (available for Leap and Tumbleweed)
zypper install prismlauncher-qt5-nightly

Void Linux

Prism Launcher is available on the official Void repository.

sudo xbps-install PrismLauncher